The Top-50 Megaliths

Ok I know this is drifting away from the topic a little but interesting anyway, when you look at rock gate then you look at this.

Electromagnetic Sounder Experiments at the Pyramids of Giza

A Joint Egyptian-American research team conducted electromagnetic sounder experiments during autumn 1974 with the primary objective of locating archaeologically significant chambers in the Giza area. Radio-frequency losses in the limestone rock of the area, ranging from 6 dB/m at 10 MHz to 25 dB/m at 150 MHz, appear to preclude much practical application of radio-frequency sounding in the vicinity of Giza. The high losses are contrary to expectations based on samples analyzed before the Giza experiments, but are consistent with later laboratory analyses made at the high temperature and high humidity characteristic of the Giza environment.

Exploration of the pyramids in conjunction with the experiments yielded two additional discoveries of interest. A number of quarry marks and what appear to be alignment markings which may have been used during pyramid construction were located in the excavation on the north side of Mycerinus' pyramid.

Observation of construction practices made visible by the digging efforts in various forced entrances disclose a much more common use of irregular blocks and debris fill, particularly in Chephren's and Mycerinus' pyramids, than is commonly appreciated. These construction practices may have a significant bearing on the design of future sounding experiments.

A Skinny PMD at ?

If you have minute have a look at this site, information regarding the history of some aleged perpetual motion devices.

PS pictured above
Dr. Robert Thompson and E. Raskind hoisting an electromagnet into place for an experiment in which the paths of cosmic particles are bent in order to measure their speed.
Location:CO, US
Date taken:September 1948
Photographer:John Florea

1824 electromagnet drawing

Drawing of first electromagnet invented in 1824 by British scientist William Sturgeon, his original drawing from his 1824 paper to the British Royal Society of Arts, Manufactures, and Commerce. It was made of 18 turns of bare copper wire (insulated wire had not been invented) on a U-shaped lacquered iron core about 1 ft (30 cm) long and 1/2 inch (13 mm) diameter. When the wires were connected to a single cell copper-zinc-acid battery, the electromagnet could support 9 pounds. The little cups contain mercury and were an early method of making an electrical contact between wires. The one on the left acts as a power switch. Alterations to image: converted from JPG to 32color PNG. (Detailed information is from Sylvanus P. Thompson (1891) Lectures on the Electromagnet, W.J. Johnson Co., New York, p.17-19)

Stone Magnet battery

I dont believe this is how Edward Leedskalnin lifted his stones, but its very intresting to explore the idea..

A powerful rechargeable battery operated vacuum lifting device for laying of dense stones and slabs, concrete products etc… with a lifting capacity of 400kg. Can be used on all kinds of lifting equipment.

Magnetic flux animations

Paul Nylader has some great computer generated animations of magnetism here

Experiments on YouTube

Have a look. Turn your sound on so you can hear the audio.

Generators in History

Interesting forum posts found here picture 9 is really interesting could it be from the underpart of the magneto ? On the old pictures of ed the wheel is siting on what seem to be a huge u shape magnet and most likely is . For many reason i have come to believe that this wheel is whats called a magneto . First if you make short search for old telephone magneto. Or simplified a u shape magnet with a rotating magnet in the middle witch generate up to 120volt ac , that gets pickup by a coil at the end. or pull down . Second eds wheel was sitting on a u shape magnet at the end of that magnet is a coil. Third it is technologies that dates back over 100 years. Forth That drawing on that masonic temple also shows the large u shape magnet. Fifth , both are hand activated , the size of his is overkill , lol , the guy had issues not funny but still frustration some times forces the best out of you . Sixth there are no patent to be found on that part of the telephone, not a big surprise they don't issue patent on free energy.

U Shape Permanent Magnet

I found some intresting pictures while trying to find more links regarding magnets