PMD demonstration with one coil

This is a great example of ED's research that once you start the magnets flowing in this device they will continue to circulate until the the bar is removed. Notice how only one terminal of the battery is connected and the other is only tapped. This shows that only a small amount passed into the PMD holder and it has the ability to hold it.


SETHKETTLEMAN on youtube makes a good point , he says

"The perpetual motion holder has many amazing functions. It is also a great learning tool. Just remember Ed was very specific in his directions on how to construct his holder. Many people make little horseshoe electromagnets and call them a perpetual motion holder. Ed tells you exactly what steel stock to use, wire type and size, how many turns, dimensions, spool material, etc."

Keep experimenting! try and show us your geographic coordinates and which direction you are facing also.

Attention Researchers!

"I found out that the researchers were misled by wrong instruction books, and by one-sided instruments. Voltmeters and Ampere meters are one-sided. They only show what is called by instruction books, positive electricity, but never show negative electricity. Now you can see that one-half of the electricity escaped their notice. If the researchers had used the same kind of equipment I use to demonstrate what magnetic current is, they would have found out a long time ago what electricity is. The positive electricity is composed of streams of north pole individual magnets, and negative electricity is composed of streams of south pole individual magnets. They are running one stream of magnets against the other stream in whirling right hand twist, and with high speed." EDL.

If a Galvanometer shows us that "The direction of deflection of the needle changes with the change in the direction of flow of the current" then possibly Ed is onto something whe he says that voltmeters are one sided.

Daily News, Miami, Florida. Atoms

ED's theory does make a lot of sense when he describes why he thinks the atom drawings he has seen are wrong.

Daily News, Miami, Florida. Magnetic Current

I had illustrated this Advertisement at the same time as I had ED's Magnetic Current. I've decided to post them, to at least spark more comments or feedback.

Rex Research

Strange and interesting inventions and experiments using magnets and electricity found on this website. They do talk about free energy, but energy is energy its not owned and its not free it just is. I dont think any of the people who did these experiments had a look at ED's Magnetic Current. If they did they they may have had a better explanation of what was going on in their experiments.

Currents by EDL.

"Both kinds of magnets are running, one kind of magnets against the other kind, and are running in the same right-hand screw fashionBy using the same whirling motion and running one kind of magnets against the other kind, they throw their own magnets from the wire in opposite directions." EDL.

Another way to think about it as I have recently is that instead of the current looking like strings or coils the look like "water" currents spinning in vortex equally in force and directly opposite each other..  since the video shows a water vortex it does not demonstrate the exact behaviour but gives us a small visual clue.

Sphere Magnet by EDL.

Now about the sphere magnet. if you have a strong magnet you can change the poles in the sphere in any side you want or take the poles out so the sphere will not be a magnet any more. From this you can see that the magnet can be shifted and concentrated and also you can see that the metal is not the real magnet. The real magnet is the substance that is circulating in the metal.


Transformers by EDL.

"Transformers and generators of any description are making the currents in the same way by filling the coil's iron core with magnets and letting the iron core push them out and into the coil."

"Connect the battery with the electric magnet. it will be a field magnet now. Put the three-inch coil between the iron prongs and take it out, do it fast. repeat it, then you will have a steady light in the light bulb. Now you and the field magnet are a generator." EDL.

Water in Zero Gravity

Some valuable experiments done by NASA in Zero Gravity with water. Watch and be amazed.

Static finger

I always enjoy seeing experiments with static electricity..not much happening here but some styrofoam and a finger.

PMD by Scotty

Another great example by Scotty of his PMD and a 23lb weight he made.
Keep experimenting!

Water spike

Very interesting experiment watch the water on the tip of his finger spike. Theres not much of a description on the post but it looks like a glass of water with a paperclip in it on the other end there is in salt on the table. Its as if a circuit is created or completed when he puts his finger or the pin near the water.

Joule Thief

I Just had to post this, its a very clever little circuit (published by Z. Kaparnik) that helps you get whatever is left in battery out as useful energy.

Here is a video..

Stubblefield Electrical Battery

Daniel McFarland Cook 1871

In 1898, Stubblefield was issued U.S. Patent 600457 for an "Electric battery," which was an electrolytic coil of iron and insulated copper wire to be immersed in liquid or buried in the ground, where it could also serve as a ground terminal for wireless telephony.