Earth orbit around the sun

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After trying to understand what Ed tried to say, I've came to an assumption that is not "well-cooked" yet : When we looking at the Ecliptic Plane, which is how most of the planets orbiting the sun, we don't pay enough attention to where each planet is pointing.

For instance we perceive that earth tilting 23.5 degrees from being 90 degrees in relation to the Ecliptic Plane, but actually this is not a tilt at all. If we view the earth orbit from East (from outside the solar system), this is how it's going to look.

In other words, the Ecliptic Plane will not be the dominant as the relation to Polaris (North Star). And the orbit will look different.

It was never understood why this "tilt" happen, although science compare that to a movement of a gyroscope, it completely ignore the gravity pull and push from a distant source, or the fact that sun's gravity cannot "straight up" any of the planets to be 90 degrees to the ecliptic plane.

If fact, North & South poles relations between sun, planets, moon and other celestial bodies, where ruled out for some reason. Although gravity considered as a factor, it is not understood how it works. Ed's explanation for gravity (N & S pole magnets moves in the same direction), could not simulate in any laboratory yet.

In this link you can see astronomers view of earth orbit :


  1. is that the same ilustration from the metal door? at the entrance of the coral castle?

  2. I believe so, its trying to demonstrate how ed saw the orbit path.