Ed-Leedskalnin Magnetic Current Illustrated

These are my illustrations to Ed's Magnetic Current


  1. Thanks for the upload. From the description, I see that you made these illustrations. Did Edward Leedskalnin make any drawings of his own in his pamphlet?

    I do not think Edward wanted to keep everything a secret. He planned to open his discovery to people, but he thought he deserved some recognition, some credit for it.

    I suspect that he tried to speak to some physics professors and such and tried to show them the photos of the rocks he moved, but was rejected. Professors automatically assume that anybody suggesting an alternative scientific model is crazy and do not read any papers they are sent to.

    Then Edward died - unexpectedly for himself. And his discovery died with him.

  2. hi, my name is david lambright, and i have built something interesting. these devices are based on Leedskalnins PMH. i guess you could say the devices are perpetual radiators. my devices make a visible optical distortion, that mimics a heat type wave or mirage, with out any heat....there is much more that it does, but for now, i will focus on the visible effects....i have built a rotor, with 24 steel segments, on a bearing so that it can be spun....this device radiates a visible distortion and needs no motion, no batteries, only an initial charge from a battery, like EDs PMH.....i post at EF also, i started a thread "gravity waves found" there with lots of interest....i have also built a simpler device to show this "glimmer" effect as it is being called.....there are step by step videos on my utube, potatoheadists channel, how to build the rotor device...the next type of device uses iron oxide inside of an aluminum tube bent into a circle or toroid and energized....this device produces a "lensing" type effect...i am currently building these oxide core devices for testing by members of this forum...they are very simple to build .....david