Generators in History

Interesting forum posts found here picture 9 is really interesting could it be from the underpart of the magneto ? On the old pictures of ed the wheel is siting on what seem to be a huge u shape magnet and most likely is . For many reason i have come to believe that this wheel is whats called a magneto . First if you make short search for old telephone magneto. Or simplified a u shape magnet with a rotating magnet in the middle witch generate up to 120volt ac , that gets pickup by a coil at the end. or pull down . Second eds wheel was sitting on a u shape magnet at the end of that magnet is a coil. Third it is technologies that dates back over 100 years. Forth That drawing on that masonic temple also shows the large u shape magnet. Fifth , both are hand activated , the size of his is overkill , lol , the guy had issues not funny but still frustration some times forces the best out of you . Sixth there are no patent to be found on that part of the telephone, not a big surprise they don't issue patent on free energy.

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