The Top-50 Megaliths

Ok I know this is drifting away from the topic a little but interesting anyway, when you look at rock gate then you look at this.


  1. I like your line or thinking, comparing the concept of moving stones with this huge monolyth. I don't understand what other reason the creators could have had planned for raising it. Any idea what the locals say about It?

  2. The Unfinished Obelisk, Aswan, Egypt. -
    Measures 120-feet (42m) and would have weighed over 1,168 tons when complete.

    This incredible stone is more than twice the size of any known obelisk ever raised. Quarrymen apparently abandoned the obelisk when natural fractures appeared in its sides. However, the stone, still attached to bedrock, gives important clues to how the ancients quarried granite. Much of the red granite used for ancient temples and colossi came from quarries in the Aswan area (500 miles south of Cairo). The Unfinished Obelisk still lies where a crack was discovered as it was being hewn from the rock.