More Ignition Coils

Just reminds me of how Ed says :

You made the one-inch long magnets with a single wire, but if you had the same size of wire in a coil you now have and would put a bigger steel bar in the coil then you would have a bigger and stronger magnet, but to make a stronger magnet yet, you would have to wind more layers on top of the coil that you have now. When you were making the small magnets with a single copper wire you wasted too many North and South Pole individual magnets. You only got in the steel wire very small part of the magnets that came out of the copper wire. You are still wasting the North and South Pole magnets. You do not get one-half of the magnets in the steel or iron bar from those which are in the coil.


To get more magnet out of a coil put the coil in steel or iron tube, then the tube outside the coil will be a magnet the same as the coil's core, but the magnet poles will be opposite. it means at the same coil end if the core end is North Pole the tube end will be South Pole. In this way you will get almost again as much magnet out of the coil and in the core and tube. You can do better yet, join one end of the coil's core end with the same metal, joining core with tube. make two holes in end of metal for the coil wire ends to go out, fasten a ring on top, now you have the most effigy client electric magnet for lifting purposes. It wastes no magnets that come from your battery or dynamo.


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