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ED's theory does make a lot of sense when he describes why he thinks the atom drawings he has seen are wrong.


  1. First, let me say, awesome job on the site. This is a great compendium to research magnetism. I was wondering if you have a spot to discuss some of the theories Leedskalnin came up with. It seems with so many interested parties out there, that someone would be talking about the concern he had for which direction you need to be facing for some of these experiments, as well as the location importance Leedskalnin focuses on, especially his precise latitude and longitude coordiantes in Florida. I think he was claiming to some degree that the first few experiments are to get your bearings on the way the north/south pole magnets flow across the earth in relation to your location and to observe the effects/differences. Do you agree? Also, and I assume we are all trying to get to the same point, which is, using opposing magnets to move all matter with ease, does anyone else notice the similarities between his methods to quarry the coral out of the ground in the same manner egyptians carved their obelisks from the bedrock? It would be great if this site had a discussion forum with topics, and we can get everyone's ideas flowing together.

  2. Thanks Collin, I have always been interested in people commenting and using the site as a forum! I believe Leedskalnin said that the direction you face is just as important to the experiments because "you need to take into account the earth and everything related to it" also "there are more magnets from the sun coming down than at night and more are hitting the earth on the east side making the earth spin. We as humans also have current running through us so it all matters and you are right, it is likely that other civilizations knew something which we are still working on finding out. Leedskalnin only gae us the basics - from that its up to us! the that's just my opinion.

    Not just Egypt but the Baalbek trilithon is a set of three massive stone blocks which are part of the foundation of the Temple of Jupiter Baal ("Heliopolitan Zeus") in Baalbek. They are so large that people cannot imagine how they were cut and transported to the site.

  3. Maximiliano,
    I think you are completely correct, Ed only gave us the basics so that we would learn as he did from the start to prevent more mistaken theories. I've recently purchased the book Magnetism and its effect on the living system by Albert Roy Davis and Walter C. Rawls, which is a group who's tests agreed mostly with Ed and did numerous experiments using the North and South Pole magnets, encouraging others to continue experimentation. I recommend the read as a frame of reference. I'll be going out to Coral Castle in December with a friend and we plan to take as many pictures as we can of the generator and the area around it. If they let me I'll shoot some HD and post it up for your readers or friends. My theory is that he found a way to polarize the bottom portion of the slabs so that they opposed natural magnetic energy from the Earths surface. But my suspicion is that all those sculptures only acted to tell him when different satellites around Earth lined up to give him enough energy to move them, not woo some "sweet 16". Have you conducted the experiments from Leedskalnin's book? And if so did they perform the same? I'm going to begin all the experiments in January and document them like the others you have posted. Then we should all post our coordinates by latitude and longitude to mark any differences in the results. Cheers to the awesome sire, and I hope through the internet we can start coming up with some solutions.

  4. Collin, If you could get some footage I will post it or link to it if you post it to youtube. I agree about him being misunderstood about "sweet 16". Also why was the name of his creation changed from RockGate to CoralCastle? and by who? Positively agree all experiments should carry the corrdinates and the direction the person is facing - I have not seen this at all in any of the experiments done online!

  5. Collin I have added Googles DISCUSSION GROUPS link on right navigation bar to use as a forum. And I have tidied up the site since it was taking to long to load.

  6. Maximiliano,
    That overunity site is interesting especially that forum you point to. The man who referenced heiroglyphics (Smokey) was really interesting especially in regards to the twining serpent symbol in regards to ancient civilizations. There seems to be a strong connection between that and his idea that they used the blocks as capacitors for magnetic energy and then used those polarizing forces to move the objects. Think about the similarity to the two snakes along a pole and the magnetic helix path especially when you put the moon/sun and wings atop it to symbolize where the energy comes from and how it flies all around us just like ed said.
    Thanks for setting up the discussion forum, we'll get the footage posted after we get back from Coral Castle in December. I'll look at all the footage on YouTube and determine what is done poorly that needs greater exploration, any suggestions and requests you or others have will be filmed as well. I heard also that Ed had strung wire all across the complex while it was in construction and I wonder what your theories on this are? Anyways, until I get a bigger place for experimentation, or go to Coral Castle, I will continue reading to catch up with all the knowledge these guys seem to have regarding magnetism.

  7. Maximiliano,
    Have you visited this site?!
    This is an amazing resource regarding the power of certain places across the globe. There is extensive research on the the main megalithic sites as well as commentary on what he came across there. Awesome site!

  8. http://www.nytimes.com/2010/11/10/science/space/10galaxy.html?src=fbmain
    Looks like Ed was right...