Rex Research

Strange and interesting inventions and experiments using magnets and electricity found on this website. They do talk about free energy, but energy is energy its not owned and its not free it just is. I dont think any of the people who did these experiments had a look at ED's Magnetic Current. If they did they they may have had a better explanation of what was going on in their experiments.


  1. Hi. I just noticed that this RexResearch page of yours actually has a page on Ed Leedskalnin and his book Magnetic Current. It also seems to have a bit of text from Leedskalnin's other writings, i.e. Cosmic Force and Magnetic Base. I'm going through the net looking for Leedskalnin's original writings, and am still trying to find this booklet:
    "Mineral, Vegetable and Animal Life: Contains Ed’s beliefs about the life cycle".
    Do you have any idea where it might be?

  2. The picture posted above is of Father d'Angelo, a Jesuit priest who invented a novel winding for motors, demonstrated & patented it, claiming several times more output than input... surely a Jesuit priest wouldn't lie !? Inquisition you to death, yes, but lie ? Never !